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[motion]scape photography is the work of award-winning photographer, Veronika Reinert. 


"There are two kinds of sufferers in this world: those who suffer from a lack of life and those who suffer from an overabundance of life. I've always found myself in the second category." - Louis Mackey

The above quote perfectly sums up the way Veronika Reinert perceives her life and approaches her photographic endeavors. Eschewing the notion that successful photographers must stick to one niche or genre, Veronika finds fulfillment photographing a variety of subjects that she is excited and passionate about.


As a former dancer, gymnast, and Pilates/fitness instructor, Veronika's first photographic love was movement-based disciplines. Within 3 months of picking up a camera, Veronika won 4th place in the "Momentum: Images of Dance" international dance photography competition. In 2015 she began photographing Obstacle Course Racing (OCR), which landed her a job at EPIC Series Obstacle Challenge. In 2017 Veronika was voted Runner Up for "Best OCR Photographer" in Mud Run Guide's international "Best of OCR" awards. Shortly after, she was invited to be a guest on Margaret Schlachter's "Dirt in Your Skirt" podcast to discuss photography and working in the OCR industry. In 2018 Veronika joined the administration team at BASI Pilates global headquarters where she was the in-house photographer and documentarian of BASI founder, Rael Isacowitz's classes and advanced courses. Her work has appeared regularly in Pilates Style Magazine.


Growing up alongside siblings and friends in the skateboarding community, Veronika has always had a deep appreciation for skating. Her interest in photographing movement and people translated seamlessly into shooting skateboarding. In 2018 Veronika formally studied skate photography with legendary skate photographer and co-founder of Transworld Skateboarding Magazine, J. Grant Brittain. Since then she has photographed pro vert demos and special events for the Tony Hawk Foundation, including the Tony Hawk Pro Skater 20th Anniversary Reunion. Veronika has had the privilege of shooting world-class skaters such as Tony Hawk, Andy Macdonald, Kevin Staab, Bucky Lasek, Elliot Sloan, Lizzie Armanto, and Jordyn Barratt. Her work has been featured in Confusion Magazine.


Veronika has been an avid musician and music fan for most of her life, so it's no wonder she would combine her love of music and photography together. Shooting bands and concerts has allowed her to participate in the music community as an active contributor and collaborator, providing content for music news media outlets, non-profits, bands, and record labels. In 2019 alone Veronika photographed over 50 concerts of varying scale, including two music festivals. That same year she founded the Southern California Hardcore Photography Collective to bring together other music photographers, and create educational resources and opportunities for music photographers of all skill levels. Her work has been featured regularly on No Echo and Janky Smooth, with work also appearing in Revolver, music zines, and album art for bands such as Racetraitor, Skullcrack, Life Force, Tuning, Extricate, and xREIGNx. Veronika has been a featured guest in No Echo's "Photographer Spotlight" series, and has had work shown in the "No Barricades" hardcore music photo exhibit.


When it comes down to it, Veronika's love of photography is rooted in her love of working with people and capturing them at their best, doing what they love, or celebrating milestones in their lives. She thrives on creating magazine-worthy works of art out of life and highlighting the very things that make a person special and unique. Veronika credits portrait photographer, Anna Vickroy of ultra-spective photography as the reason Veronika ever picked up a camera at all (and, in fact, was also the one who sold Veronika her first camera). Working with Anna first as a client, then later as an intern at her studio, Veronika was so blown away by Anna's portrait work that it compelled her to get into photography, herself. Since then she has put her own spin on everything from couples/engagements, kids, and newborns, to maternity, seniors, and family portraits. Veronika also loves capturing fitness and dance portraits, as well as headshots.


They say that one of the few things you get to remember your wedding day by is the photos. Veronika understands that selecting the right photographer for the most important event of someone's life is not a decision made lightly. On a day that tends to pass by in a flash, Veronika strives to capture each significant moment beautifully while also spotlighting all the carefully-planned details that go in to making the day special. Veronika takes a contemporary, artistic photojournalistic approach to her work and shoots primarily with natural light (but uses lighting equipment when necessary). She has shot weddings at wineries, lavender farms, aquariums, beachside hotels, backyards, rural farms, and country clubs, and she can't wait to photograph your wedding, too!


In addition to incorporating photography into just about every facet of her life, Veronika also enjoys shooting events and doing product photography. She once worked at a BMW dealership photographing (and getting to drive!) every car on the lot. She was also assigned the role of Company Photographer for her Army Reserve unit, where she served as a Pharmacy Technician in a Combat Support Hospital. Veronika holds a double-bachelor's degree in Dance and History from UC Berkeley. In her free time she enjoys conquering escape rooms with friends, competing in a women's pinball league, and playing shows with her band. Veronika currently lives in Orange County, CA with her dog, Hazel.


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